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Karamay to strengthen air pollution control
2017-04-18 source:Chinadaily
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A tourist appreciates flowers in good weather on the bank of Karamay’s river on June 22, 2016. [Photo by Min Yong/kelamayi.com.cn]
Karamay city in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region is set to reduce its PM10 (particulate matter) level by 15 percent this year compared with that in 2013, according to a work conference on April 6.

To achieve the target, environmental protection sectors will take preventing air pollution as a top priority and implement a series of effective measures, making Karamay a promised land with blue skies.

In fact, similar steps have been taken in the past few years. Municipal officials initiated a blue sky project (2014-16) to create a good ecological environment that would benefit people’s lives and guarantee the rapid development of the city.

The work proved to be effective. An excellent rate of atmospheric environment quality in Karamay reached 90 percent in 2016, with all major pollutants reduced sharply from previous years.

Those achievements will lay a solid foundation for this year’s expected positive result.

The goal was originally set by the State Council, which launched an air pollution control program in 2013, demanding improvement of air quality across the nation.