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Karamay students learn about oil industry pioneers
2017-05-15 source:Chinadaily
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Over 200 hundred students from Karamay No 1 Primary School participated in a study trip to the 101 Cave Dwelling Relics in Karamay’s Baijiantan district on May 5.

The school organized the event to educate students about the pioneering days of Karamay’s oil industry and the spirit of hard struggle which inspired generation after generation of oilmen.

Students visited an exhibition pavilion built on the site of the old cave dwellings. Spanning almost 16,000 square meters, the site rests on the Xinjiang Oilfield, owned by China’s largest oil and gas producer and distributor PetroChina.

Students from Karamay No 1 Primary School visit the 101 Cave Dwelling Relics exhibition pavilion in Karamay’s Baijiantan district. [Photo/kelamayi.com.cn]
Some 298 collections from the last generation of oilmen were displayed, impressing students with the tough living conditions and work environment the oil workers experienced.