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Fujian pledges to continue support for Xinjiang
2017-09-30 source:Chinadaily
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Fujian province shall continue to encourage more local companies to invest in Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, according to Yu Weiguo, governor of Fujian.

Yu made the comment during his recent trip Xinjiang's Changji Hui autonomous prefecture on Sept 25-27.

In 2011, China's central government implemented a new round of a "pairing assistance" program for Xinjiang, which requires 19 provinces and municipalities from more prosperous parts of China to support the development of different regions in Xinjiang.

Fujian is paired with Changji, and has played an important role in the prefecture's development over the past few years.

Fujian has invested over 68 billion yuan ($10.2 billion) in Changji, accounting for more than half of its total investment in Xinjiang since 2011, according to government statistics.

Under the pairing program, more investment from Fujian are expected to flood into Changji.

During the three-day visit, a large number of highly competitive companies from Fujian including Hengan Group and Ropeok Group inked contracts with the Changji government, worth a combined 4.85 billion yuan in investment.

On top of the financial support, Fujian has also sent 891 officials and 1,437 experts to assist Xinjiang in the fields of education, health and agriculture.

During a conference with Fujian officials working in Xinjiang, Yu encouraged them to treat Xinjiang as their second home and dedicate themselves to the prosperity of the region.

Yu Weiguo, governor of Fujian province (second right), wearing Kazak ethnic costume, poses for a group photo with local residents during his trip to Changji Hui autonomous prefecture in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, which took place on Sept 25-27. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]