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  • Xinjiang receives over 8 mln tourists during holiday
    2017-10-11    source:Xinhua    author:

    Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region welcomed 8.48 million tourists during the National Day holiday, bringing in 11.3 billion yuan (1.43 billion U.S. dollars) in tourism income.

    Small tourist towns and the Xinjiang countryside were major destinations for tourists during the holiday from Oct. 1 to 8, according to the regional tourism development commission.

    In rural areas in southern Xinjiang, many tourists enjoyed helping to harvest fruit and other farm work for leisure.

    Celebrations on different themes were held across the region, such as a fair for aquatic products in the Kazak Autonomous Prefecture of Ili.

    Many tourists from other parts opted to rent cars after arriving in Xinjiang by air or train, and they chose less-traveled tour routes, according to the commission. Enditem