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UETD completes renovation project
2017-11-14 source:Chinadaily
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The renovation project of blocks and streets in the Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone (Toutunhe district), Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region recently has been completed after four months of construction.

Green belts of the roads were planted with trees and shrubs. Buildings and storefront signboards of the stores on both sides of the roads have also been painted in unified colors.

The renovation project included 61 buildings, 2 schools, 289 stores and 711 households. Cables of 1,871 meters were paved underground and 1,026 manhole covers were replaced on the motor vehicle and non-motorized vehicle lanes. It also replaced 17,677 meters of curbstones and paved 56,116 square meters of sidewalks.

"The bridge railings got rusty and some were eroded after years of exposure to the wind and sun. Now they have been replaced by stainless steel. It makes me feel better to walk on the renovated bridge," said Liang Deying, who has lived on Zhongya Avenue for 17 years.

Blocks and streets in the Toutunhe district are renovated. [Photo/Urumqi Evening News]