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Toutunhe welcomes 20 new parks
2017-12-05 source:Chinadaily
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Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone (Toutunhe district) has finished the construction of 20 new small parks and put them into use on Nov 15.

With a total investment of 26 million yuan ($4 million), these 20 small parks are built to cover a residential area of approximately 20,000-square-meters and benefit more than 20,000 local households, according to the Xinjiang Construction and Investment Project Management and Consultancy Co Ltd.

Zhao Quanjiang, an official from Toutunhe's landscape and forestry bureau, said that the parks and other green areas to be constructed aim to beautify the environment. To provide local residents with better facilities for rest and leisure, fitness equipment and rest areas will also be constructed.

A design sketch of what the small parks in Toutunhe District will look like. [Photo/uetd.gov.cn]

Zhao introduced that over 700 trees of eight varieties, such as mountain peach and green pines, can be seen in the park now and more than 30,000 shrubs have also been planted.

A small park in Deyuan Residential District, one of the biggest new parks in Toutunhe, covers a total area of 14,000 square meters.