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Toutunhe's administration of taxation helps export-oriented companies
2018-04-13 source:Chinadaily
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The administration of taxation of Urumqi Economic and Technological Development has been effective in providing policies which promote the development of enterprises, according to local media on March 29.

Xinjiang Kunluntianhe International Trade Co Ltd, an import and export company in Urumqi, is one of the beneficiaries of the recent policies. "The high-quality service of the Administration of Taxation helps us increase our profit margins and improve the quality of our service, " said the company's manager.

When the company was first established, its financial staff faced many challenges relating to tax reimbursement for export. To help the company tackle these problems, the Administration of Taxation organized detailed training sessions on relevant policies and offered guidance.

The administration also simplifies approval procedures and provides comprehensive services for companies that expand abroad, greatly relieving their burden and facilitating their development.

Xinjiang Kunluntianhe International Trade Company's products have been exported to countries and regions in Central Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and America and is well-received in foreign markets.

"The preferential policies provided by the government have always been a great incentive for us," said the manager of the company. "We feel reassured because our problems can all be solved in a timely manner."

The administration of taxation of Toutunhe district has set up Wechat and QQ groups to help solve problems for companies. The platforms provide information about tax policies as well as the latest laws and regulations.