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Toutunhe district signs agreement with New United Group
2018-05-15 source:Chinadaily
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Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone (Toutunhe district) and New United Group of Jiangsu province recently signed an agreement on a rail traffic and distributed energy project in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

Ma Chunlei and Zhou Licheng sign the contract. [Photo/uetd.gov.cn]

Ma Chunlei (left), member of the standing committee of Toutunhe district, and Zhou Licheng, president of New United Group, were the signatories.

According to the agreement, New United Group will invest 400 million yuan ($62.84 million) in the project to produce the traction system, the signal system and the air-conditioning system for subway trains as well as a complete set of distributed energy equipment.

Zhou spoke highly of the geographical advantage, investment environment, working efficiency and service quality of Toutunhe district.

He said that the group will seize the opportunities brought by the Belt and Road Initiative and try to start the construction of the project this year, utilizing its advantages in the fields of rail traffic and distributed energy.

As one of the ten major bases of the equipment manufacturing industry of the autonomous region, Toutunhe district has always highly valued the real economy. The cooperation with New United Group will bring new momentum to its development in Toutunhe district.

According to Ma, Toutunhe district will utilize various resources, platforms and policies for the project and provide efficient services.

New United Group, established in 2002, is among the Top 500 private enterprises in the manufacturing industry. It is active in rail traffic, alternative energy, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment, modern logistics, office facilities and aerospace.

Huo Hong, deputy director of the management committee and deputy district head of Toutunhe district, presided over the signing ceremony.