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Machines assume big role in Xinjiang farming
2022-04-14 source:Chinadaily
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Spring plowing work in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region has been going smoothly, with more than 337,000 hectares plowed as of early April, according to the region's department of agriculture and rural affairs.

The cultivation area for spring wheat and corn has surpassed 100,000 hectares, up by about 26,000 hectares from last year. The cultivation area of cotton has exceeded 66,000 hectares.

As the weather gets warmer, spring plowing and sowing are accelerating across Xinjiang. Sowing is assisted by more than 30,000 farm machines on more than 123,333 hectares of cotton fields in Shaya county, Aksu prefecture.

With the help of sowing machines equipped with satellite navigation systems, the efficiency of spring production has improved.

The sowing of spring wheat has also started on more than 17,333 hectares in Balikun Kazak autonomous county, Hami prefecture, where local technicians give professional instructions to farmers on how to scientifically fertilize their crops.