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  • Urumqi launches sizable tourist campaign
    2016-06-14    source:Chinadaily    author:

    The Urumqi Publicity Department has rallied newspapers, television, radio, websites and new media to publicize its tourism, hoping for the best results by taking action early in June.

    It is the first time a Xinjiang city has sought public exposure by means of mass media interaction simultaneously reporting on its scenery, food, residential qualities and transportation. Urumqi officials even decided to stretch the promotion activity abroad to attract foreign visitors.

    Zhang Jiangzhou, party secretary of the Urumqi Tourism Administration, noted that the city government strengthened tourism promotion in the Yangtze River delta, the Pearl River delta and the Circum-Bohai Sea Economic Zone in 2015 to raise Urumqi's market share. The city also held six promotional seminars in countries such as Turkey, Singapore and Japan and signed seven tourism cooperation agreements with them.

    Zhang added that Urumqi needs to emphasize its function as a distribution center if it intends to be an international travel destination. The city is improving its transportation infrastructure, with the Eastern-Europe bound railway express having opened and with a subway, interurban railways and the second departure runway of the Urumchi Diwopu International Airport under construction.

    Urumqi is now enhancing tourism by highlighting its distinct local culture with folk custom-featured art performances in a bid to maintain a steady stream of visitors.