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Winter tourism fair heats up in Xinjiang
2016-12-02 source:Chinadaily
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Xinjiang has turned the cold winter season from a time when people stay indoors next to the heater, to an annual event of exciting activities attracting tourists from across the globe, thanks to its Winter Tourism Trade Fair.

The event has been held annually since 2006, and in that time the number of winter tourists has increased from just 900,000 to more than a million in 2014, representing 40 percent of Xinjiang’s tourism year round.

This year, the region held its 11th Winter Tourism Trade Fair in conjunction with the Western China Ice and Snow Tourism Festival, which took place from Nov 25 to 27.

Performers from Xinjiang dance at the opening ceremony of the Western China Ice and Snow Tourism Festival & the 11th Winter Tourism Trade Fair of Xinjiang. [Photo/xinjiangnet]

More than 1,000 companies from 20 countries and 19 domestic provinces gathered to exhibit their own unique slice of winter tourism, as well as associated products, services, and offers.

Highlights from this year included a long ship-load of Nordic countries, including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland, as well as the establishment of a new 5A scenic spot (4S ski resort) pavilion.

Domestic and foreign guests to the Western China Ice and Snow Tourism Festival & the 11th Winter Tourism Trade Fair of Xinjiang are welcomed with a Xinjiang dance. [Photo/xinjiangnet]

Many contracts were signed including one between the Xinjiang Tourism Association and Russia, to cooperate in the promotion of each other's winter tourism industries.

To help people reach the fair, three free direct travel routes were opened with, setting off from People's Park, Ergong gymnasium and a shopping center at the Qiyijiang Garden community.

The Kazakhstan pavilion under construction. [Photo/xinjiangnet]