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  • Silk Road concert takes to the stage in Karamay
    2016-08-29    source:Chinadaily    author:

    The Nationalities Orchestra of Xinjiang Arts Theatre presented a Silk Road themed concert at the Baijiantan District Movie House in Karamay, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, on Aug 2.

    The performance took inspiration from a variety of different cultural sources. It displayed regional characteristics of ethnic Xinjiang folk music using instruments such as the pipa (lute-like instrument), the yi jieke (sitar-like instrument), and the rubab (lute-like instrument). It also performed traditional Han folk music both traditional and modern. Lastly, the concert took inspiration and performed songs from musical traditions historically located along the Silk Road, such as Russia and Spain.

    This was the first time the Xinjiang Orchestra has played before a Karamay audience. Although the entire concert was a success, it seemed audience members particularly enjoyed the opportunity to hear the increasingly rare sounds of traditional ethnic instruments.

    One concert-goer, Pei Xiaoliang, thoroughly enjoyed the experience of listening to traditional Xinjiang music.

    “We appreciated listening to the musical achievements of the Xinjiang peoples. The chance to listen to these songs is the result of the Belt and Road Initiative and I hope there are many similar cultural opportunities in the future.”

    The concert is part of a series funded by the China National Arts Fund, which strives to support regional cultural projects. The next stage for the orchestra is a performance in Tacheng, another city in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

    Musicians of the Nationalities Orchestra of Xinjiang playing a song during their Karamay concert on Aug 2. [Photo/]