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  • World touring Karamay art exhibition returns home
    2016-09-07    source:Chinadaily    author:

    May in China, a Karamay launched exhibition that has toured China and the world as an artistic ambassador for Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, returned home to Karamay Cultural Center for a final viewing on Aug 25.

    The exhibition set off in June and was successfully displayed twice in the United States of America. It was first shown in the New Jersey town of West Windsor and later at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. It was also exhibited at Beijing’s China National Academy of Painting.

    The exhibition comprised of nearly 200 paintings and works of calligraphy was well received by critics.

    During the five-day exhibition several famous artists from both China and the United States of America gathered to celebrate the exhibition’s success and attend a symposium to communicate artistic experience.

    Yang Xiaoyang, president of the China National Academy of Painting, attended the opening ceremony in Karamay and gave a speech highlighting the exhibition’s importance for the city. “This art exhibition will promote Karamay culture and enhance the city’s cooperation with other cultures. It is also an important way for the local culture to keep in touch with economic developments.”

    The Karamay art exhibition has been supported by Karamay city government, China National Academy of Painting and USA Artists Association. It aimed to create a space for international cultural dialogue and promote Chinese culture. This is the third year of the initiative, which has the express purpose of brining Karamay art to the world. It is hoped that such efforts will continue to expand and develop in the future.

    In March 2015 Karamay signed a cultural exchange agreement with West Windsor authorities and the two are enjoying a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship.