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Karamay throws five-day Lantern Festival party
2017-02-15 source:Chinadaily
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Karamay, the city in western Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, has launched a five-day extravaganza of light shows and folk performances to celebrate Lantern Festival.

The celebrations got started on the night of Lantern Festival, which this year fell on Feb 11, and will continue until Feb 15.

Falling on the night of the first full moon of the Lunar New Year each year, Lantern Festival has been celebrated in China for more than 2,000 years and is typically marked with spectacular lantern shows, eating festive delicacies such as tangyuan, or glutinous rice balls and taking part in many traditional cultural activities.

Karamay has given its own unique twist to the ancient holiday, organizing a number of performances and activities based around the region’s local cultural heritage alongside other cultural traditions that can be found all over China.

Visitors enjoy a lantern show featuring folk traditions and folk tales at the Karamay Hanbo Cultural and Creative Industry Park in downtown Karamay, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region on Feb 11. [Photo/kelamayi.com.cn]
More than 10,000 people turned up for the first night of celebrations on Feb 11 to sample the festive atmosphere. Activities were held in three locations around the city, namely Karamay Hanbo Cultural and Creative Industry Park downtown, Sports and Gym Center Square in Baijiantan district and the Cultural Center in Dushanzi district.