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Printmaking calls for grass-root inheritors in Karamay
2017-03-14 source:Chinadaily
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Young talented printmakers in Karamay have been preparing their ink, tools, and notebooks to learn carving skills from Wen Zuyun, a world renowned printmaking artist.

The Wen Zuyun and Cui Qingfeng Printmaking Studio in Baijiantan district of Karamay will enroll 12 students from across the city for the first time. The program is part of the authorities’ efforts to develop the district into a hotspot for printmaking, according to statements made by Baijiantan district’s propaganda department on March 6.

Headed by Wen Zuyun and his student Cui Qingfeng, a member of Xinjiang Artists Association, the cultural team is organized in Baijiantan district to pass on unique local skills and promote the district’s culture.

A Wen Zuyun work depicting a desert sunset is part of the Baijiantan District Archives. [Photo/kelamayi.com.cn]
Students will learn a range of skills including; printmaking theory, creative theory, practical guidance on printing techniques, coloring techniques, and black and white techniques.

To enlarge the number of inheritors of printmaking, the studio will carry out free of charge training sessions for select students and Karamay residents can sign up until April 15.