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Swiss sightseer a real desert daredevil in Xinjiang rally
2018-06-13 source:Xinhua
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Of average height, with gray hair and a slight paunch, Remy Vauthier does not exactly fit the mold of a rally driver.

The Swiss architect has raised a few eyebrows in the ongoing Taklimakan Rally in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, finishing last Sunday's first stage in a respectable 11th position despite motor sport being merely something of a hobby for him.

The Taklimakan Rally, which concludes on Thursday, has seen an increase in the number of overseas teams and drivers in recent years, but Vauthier might be the first competitor whose participation comes entirely out of his own pocket.

"Motorsport in China is constantly developing, and it will continue to attract more and more participants from abroad," said Vauthier, adding he was inspired to take part in the rally by the beautiful scenery of the northwestern region's Kumtag Desert, where the second stage took place.

"I know that it will cost me some time, but I cannot help but look at the view through the window," he said.

Vauthier was also impressed by the hospitality of the locals, who have been serving him an array of regional delicacies each day.

"Chinese food really satisfies my taste buds," he enthused, adding that he is planning a return trip.

"Participating in the rally has been expensive, but I enjoyed the local culture and the competition, so the cost was worth it. Of course, I will come back next year, and will recommend this rally to my friends who like motorsport."

Swiss driver Remy Vauthier scrambles through the desert during the Taklimakan Rally in Xinjiang. Photos By Jiang Wenyao /xinhua