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  • Preparatory Rally Held for the 4th China-Eurasia Expo
    2014-04-23    source:tianshannet    author:

    Urumqi, Apr. 3 -- In the afternoon of April 3 , The 4th China-Eurasia Expo preparatory rally was held in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Nur Bekri, Director of the China-Eurasia Expo Organizing Committee and Chairman of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region , demanded at the rally that all undertakers plan, start and implement the event in advance, and converge wisdom and strength of all parties , striving to stage the 4th China-Eurasia Expo more brilliant, more productive , and more influential .

    After listening to the Secretariat 's report on the preparatory work of the China-Eurasia Expo, Nur Bekri made some comments. He pointed out that to organize a national exhibition like the Eurasia Expo, we should take the overall situation of the development in China and around the world into consideration, and with the enhancement of the Expo’s internationalization, marketization, professionalization, and branding level, fully play its platform function. On top of the Eurasia Expo’s roles as diplomatic platform for heads of states, key channel for cooperation of Xinjiang with neighboring countries in various fields , and important window for establishing good images of Xinjiang, we should also deepen the understanding of the orientation, connotation and function of Eurasia Expo , so that it can support Xinjiang in a greater range and on higher levels, in aspects such as the building of a modern industrial system, rapid economic development, and fully opening to the outside world. This will eventually provide a powerful impetus to promote social stability in Xinjiang and maintain its long-term security.

    Nur Bekri stressed that all localities and departments should go to all lengths , fully support and form a cohesive force in the preparatory work to organize the Eurasia Expo, since it is a major event in Xinjiang, making sure that the Expo embodies characteristics of Xinjiang , displays the image of Xinjiang , and promotes stable development in Xinjiang . In process of the preparation and the holding of the Eurasia Expo, we should adhere to the "simple, pragmatic" principle , focus on expanding the effectiveness and reduce the formal content. In addition, more convenience-service measures will inject a fresher and more pragmatic style into the Eurasia Expo as well.

    Nur Bekri required that all should start the work as soon as possible after the rally. Departments could set about organizing forums, designing for the special events, and attracting investment and booth-applications, etc; besides the investment work, localities are to propagate and promote for the Expo. We are obliged to ensure the security of the event and of it being held smoothly, as well as refine and perfect the plans for emergency response to ensure overall social stability during the Expo . Meanwhile , we should also take more convenience measures to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of people of all ethnic groups under the premise of a sure-fire condition , and meet their aspirations of visiting the Expo.

    The preparatory rally was presided over by Shi Dagang, vice-chairman of Autonomous Region, and members of Executive Committee of the 4th China-Eurasia Expo ( Xinjiang ) attended the rally.

    The 4th China-Eurasia Expo will be held in Urumqi, from September 1 to 6 this year, its theme being "Open up Cooperation for the Construction of Silk Road Economic Belt."