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  • Huocheng holds symposium on developing tourism
    2015-03-16    source:Chinadaily    author:

    The government of Huocheng county,in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region has stepped-up its efforts to develop tourism. The news came as the county held a symposium on promoting its tourism industry on March 4-5.

    The attendees of the symposium include Gong Weibing, director of the tourism bureau in Xinjiang’s Ili Kazak autonomous prefecture and Huocheng's Party Secretary Ge Guo.

    During the symposium, Ge Guo suggested that in order to develop tourism in the county, it needs to work hard on raising the reputation and popularity of its local scenic spots, introduce more attractive travel routes to visitors and improving infrastructure.

    "Huocheng government should consider locals' interest when developing tourism and try to help locals benefit from tourism," said Gong.

    Gong counseled the county government to boost tourism while adhering to low-impact development. "Developing tourism should stand side by side with protecting the environment. The government should make good use of tourism resources and try to achieve sustainable development," he said.

    After the meeting, officials from Ili prefecture's tourism bureau visited Huocheng's well-known tourist attractions, including Huiyuan ancient city, Tukai Desert and Lavender Park.

    Huocheng county held a symposium on promoting tourism industry on March 4-5. [Photo/]