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  • Chinese citizens' rights to religious belief freedom protected: report
    2013-05-14    source:Xinhuanet    author:

    China upholds the policy of freedom of religious belief, and ensures its citizens' freedom of religious belief as an important part of their human rights, says a government report on the country's human rights progress in 2012 issued Tuesday.

    The Chinese government exercises administration over religious affairs by law, and protects the legitimate rights and interests of religious groups, says the report, released by the Information Office of the State Council.

    "It strives to promote religious harmony, and gives play to the active roles of religious personages and common believers in promoting economic and social development," it says.

    The state handles, in accordance with the law, cases which hurt the feelings of religious believers, and properly deals with the demolition of housing belonging to religious organizations and houses for holding religious activities in urban construction, the report says.

    Currently, China has approximately 360,000 religious staff and 140,000 registered venues for religious activities that are open to the public, basically satisfying the needs of religious believers.

    There are in total 5,500 religious organizations in China carrying out their respective activities in an orderly manner.