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Huocheng people make profits by feeding yaks
2015-01-13        source:  Chinadaily        author:  

Some villagers in Sangong town, in the county of Huocheng, in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region made money by feeding yaks last year.

Ma Jinliang, a villager who got the information about breeding yaks from some Urumqi businessmen in September 2014. He knew that a yak is a long-haired bovid common in the Himalayan region of south Central Asia and the yak owns good milk quality and it is always in demand.

So Ma made up his mind to feed yaks. He used to feed cows and so this was his first time to feed yaks. Ma and several friends cooperated to feed the yaks, after two-months feeding, he found that the yaks quickly got used to the local environment and they eat less than the local cows. "There's no difference between feeding cows and yaks, however, the yaks have high immunity,"said he. According to Ma, he will sell his yaks directly to the merchants from Urumqi next May.

Sangong town has become a large livestock breeding town in recent years, for its villagers make profits by standardizing the livestock breeding. The locals per capital income have increased around 500 yuan since they developed the livestock breeding industry. With Ma starting the yak breeding, he introduced another breed of livestock to the town.

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