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Huocheng county credit cooperative publicizes financial knowledge to locals
2015-01-19        source:  Chinadaily        author:  

The credit cooperative of Guozigou village, in Huocheng county, in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region had its staff make a public display of financial knowledge last December for people in the region to be made more aware of finance and law.

The staff explained their loan and deposit business and introduced the modern ways of payment such as electronic banking to the locals. They also taught people how to protect their financial rights and properties and deal with personal financial problems in modern society.

The public activity got a great deal of attention, with many locals expressing that they got to know more of the credit cooperative’s services and business and learned more about financial knowledge from the publicity.

The staff of Guozigou village’s credit cooperative explained credit cooperative’s loans and deposits business to the villagers. [Photo/]

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