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Huocheng gives livestock feeding trainings to villagers
2015-01-22        source:  Chinadaily        author:  

Huocheng county, in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, provided vocational trainings centered on livestock feeding for the villagers, attracting 47 villagers to attend, and all the participants passed the examination on Jan 19th, which indicates the county’s winter training seminars ended successfully, according to the Huocheng government.

The livestock feeding training was designed on villagers' request, and it had the experts teach the theories of raising chickens and practice theories.

The training classes combined theories and practice, which provided precious opportunities for the villagers to know further about raising chickens, which according to the villagers, the classes helped them in many ways, especially for those poultry farmers, the knowledge and skills they learned will promote their livestock production business.

And the government also said it offered trainings with the intention of making the local industry achieve sustainable development.

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