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Law lectures comes to Huocheng county
2015-01-23        source:  Chinadaily        author:  

Officials in Sanggong town, in Huocheng county, in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region made explanations about the laws on protecting women’s rights to the villagers in Muye village on Jan 14th, attracting more than 30 farmers and herdsmen to participate.

The town's vice-Party secretary, Gurina, gave explanations on women's rights of accepting education, protecting property, and against domestic violence and sexual harassment in the Kazakh language. Particularly, she emphasized that women should take action when they get treated illegally in a marriage, such as being forced into a marriage. "Women should protect their own rights and interests through legal means," said Gurina.

After listening to the lecture, many villagers expressed they learned a lot from it, with one called Kalimna saying, "I realized that women don’t need to stand being treated unequally, and I think I will use the law to protect my rights when it is necessary."

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