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Kindhearted people help old man find home
2015-02-04        source:  Chinadaily        author:  

A bus company in the city of Karamay, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, received a silk banner from a local Mr. Wang on Dec 30.

Wang wanted to thank the company’s employees, Huang Mei and Qi De’en, for their help in finding Wang’s lost father.

Wang's father had strayed from the Changzheng community as the evening neared on Nov 9. With no sign of him Wang’s family were forced to report the case to the police after a two-hour fruitless search.

As midnight approached, Huang and Qi who work for a local bus company were driving home after their night shift when they saw an old man staggering at the crossroad between Kunlun Lu and Chengxi Lu.

Sensing something was wrong, the pair decided to stop the car immediately and found out that the man had lost his way. They gave the shivering man some extra clothes and helped him get into the car.

After managing to decipher the old man’s incoherent words, they learned a place name – Changzheng community Building No 12, and the name Wang Baoshu. Then they drove the old man to the place and found his home after an hour of searching.

At that time, only the old man’s wife was at home, as the others were looking for him outside. They helped the old man inside and left without leaving their names.

Nearly two months later, Mr. Wang learned that it was Huang and Qi who sent his father to home. Wang had talked about the accident at classmate gathering to Qi, a classmate of Mr. Wang. Shortly after learning the news, it was decided that the family would give the rescuers a silk banner to express their deep gratitude.

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