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  • Huocheng to put more effort to improve local health
    2015-03-23    source:Chinadaily    author:

    Huocheng county should spare no efforts to encourage locals to get involved in sports and keep healthy, said Yang Guangyu, head of construction departments of the General Administration of Sports, during his visit to Huocheng county in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region on March 13.

    A group from the General Administration of Sports visited Huocheng county accompanied by several county cadres, including Huocheng Zhibing, vice-county chief, to get more information about the county's sports organizations.

    The visiting group visited Liangsangong Primary School in Langan town and got the details of the school's sports games. Liangsangong Primary School has carried out a series of sports activities to help students keep fit, including chess classes, juvenile football and bilingual sports teaching classes.

    Huocheng county also held a seminar to introduce its sports and cultural undertakings to the visiting group and showed videos about cultural and sports events held in the county.

    At the seminar, Huocheng Zhibing reported the county's tasks and goals of developing sports organizations. The officials of the General Administration of Sports counseled the county to standardize the organization and organize more activities to improve local health conditions.