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A folk instrument of the Uygur nationality, the sapayi has two iron rings attached to a 0.5-metre-long oval wooden stick covered on one end with tin. The dancer holds the stick in his right hand and strikes the tin end against his right shoulder or waves it back and forth so the iron rings produce a wonderful sound.

Other percussion instruments include the sapay - paired sticks pierced with metal rings, the most common folk percussion instrument, especially used by beggars and Sufis; the tash -- four stones, two held in each hand, struck repeatedly and quickly together, and the qoshuq -- two wooden spoons struck together back-to-back.

In addition to these contemporary instruments, instruments historically used by the Uygurs include the ghunqa -- a form of harp, the b?rbap lute -- ancestor of the Chinese pipa, the jalla -- a bronze skin-covered tambourine, the sapal chora ocarina, and the isqirt slide flute.

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