chinese new year 2011


Chinese New Year 2011 is the year of Rabbit, and naturely, Chinese New Year 2011 animal sign is Rabbit. when using Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches,Chinese New Year 2011 is also called year of Xinmao.
Chinese New Year 2011 spring festival:
The reason for beginning the Chinese New Year at that time is that it is the time after the fall harvest. In another words, the appropriate time to be rewarded with rest and relaxation and celebrations is between the end of one year’s toil and the commencement of the next year’s toil. 
Spring Festival is a very important occasion for the Chinese people, and it is a time for families to be together. So no matter how far people stay away, they will try their best to go home and spend the festival days with their families
Chinese New Year 2011 date:
do you know when is Chinese New Year 2011 begins?and when is Chinese New Year 2011 ends?The day before chinese new year is Lunar New Year's Eve. The people have already made special p...

Celebrate the spring festival
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