Three Traditional Festivals of Huis

The Huis are mostly distributed in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The earliest Huis were the descendants of the Arabian and Persian merchants who came to China in the 7th century. The Huis take Chinese as their language while preserving some Arabian and Persian words. Corban Festival, Hari Raya Festival and Mawlid Festival are the three traditional festivals of Huis. 
On the 70th day after the Kaizhai Festival (resume of the diet), there is also a traditional festival of the Huis. It is also known as, Corban Festival, Guerbang Festival, Sacrifice Festival and Faith Festival.
Hari Raya Festival, also called the Kaizhai Festival (the end of Ramadan), is one of the three large festivals of the Islam. It is also the great festival of the Huis. In China, some ethnic minorities also name it Rouzi Festival. In line of the Islamic rules, the Hui calendar is divided into 12 months, 30 days per odd month, 29 days per even month. There are the shortage of 11 days in comparison...

Corban Festival
Hari Raya Festival
Mawlid Festival
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