Urumqi aiming to be modern int'l metropolis by 2020
The municipal government of Urumqi, the capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is aiming to build the city into a modern international metropolis.By 2020, city authorities are hoping, Urumqi will have been built into a key city in west China and an international commerce and trade center for China and central and west Asian countries.
Taking advantage of tourism to forge an int'l metropolis
The Urumqi Silk Road Ice Festival has been held for ten years, and increasingly expanded from small to big. The latest was launched on Jan. 10 and for the first time for Urumqi to invite the ambassadors of foreign countries to the three-month-long ice festival. Business personnel from China and abroad will also visit the festival and get a look at Urumqi’s tourism resources. The festival has become a winter-tourism brand for Xinjiang and is expected to increase its tourism market and encourage communications with other cities in the area of winter tourism.
Ecologically livable and high quality of life
Urumqi has experienced rapid development with comprehensive strength increasingly improving and all areas achieving long term progress. It is moving forward to the goal of becoming a regional international city. As the people’s level of living improves, the environmental demands from citizens also increased. A committee member of CPPCC in Urumqi proposed that the local government should further improve the conditions of certain areas and road section. Besides, the ecological greenization of Urumqi should also be a priority of the government.
Convenient traffic and improve transport service
Convenient transportation is an important measurement for a livable city. Based on the Urumqi’s current traffic capacity, some committee members agreed that more efforts need to be done on the traffic congestion. Some proposed that Urumqi can greatly develop an intelligent, informational and modern traffic management system of transportation and set up a command center of traffic management and information-share platform.
Beautify the capital with culture rooted in citizens’ heart
Culture is the soul of a city, including cultural landscape, humanistic culture, social culture and citizenship. Some committee members of CPPCC suggested that the city government should strictly audit the land exploration and make long-term plan for Urumqi’s overall development. The design style, structure of the building all need to be meticulously done. Besides, the overall quality of Urumqi citizens is not realized at once. To improve propaganda and enhance the infrastructure is key to boost the core values of the city.
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