Warm Actions Blow Away Xinjiang Winter’s Cold
Xinjiang often has a high quality of snow and a long snowy period, which both provides rich resources for developing winter tourism and brings inconvenience to the local citizens. In order to help the locals smoothly pass through the cold days, many areas from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous take a series of actions to overcome the severe weather, greatly praised by the local citizens.
Xinjiang timely warning against the cold weather
Due to the lasting low temperature, Xinjiang is experiencing the coldest winter. The meteorological department timely warned related departments to make advanced preparation to fight against the coldness, minimizing the impacts to such sectors as agriculture, husbandry. Besides, experts called for citizens to reduce go-out frequency, and pay attention to keep warm.
Local government fighting against Xinjiang snowstorms
In early December, 2012, continuous snowstorms have affected over 28,000 others in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, local government said. Local authorities have relocated 6,263 people affected by the snowstorms, said the regional bureau of civil affairs. In addition, the local governments had allotted relief funds of 2.66 million yuan and relief supplies, including fuel, coal, rice and clothes, to the snowstorm-hit regions.
Xinjiang Yili training snow-clearing staff to ensure a clear road
Given Xinjiang usually experiencing a long winter, the frequent snowfall always heavily hinders the transportation. A snowplough machinery training activity was held by Yili Highway Information Network. 78 staff from 4 companies attended the training. The invited experts instructed the structure of the snowplough machinery, theory and maintenance knowledge. Besides, there was on-site demonstration of how to use the machines.
Netizens from Xinjiang Karamay launched Green Ribbon Action
On Dec. 16, 2012, a public benefit activity called Green Ribbon Action” was launched in Karamay City, Xinjiang Uyure Autonomous by many online netizens. Over 150 private car owners and social vehicles joined in this action, providing free pick-up services for the elders, students and parents.
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