Turpan grapes
Located in the eastern part of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Turpan is rich in high-quality grapes of many kinds, it is known as the Hometown of Grapes. Grapes have even proved to be an attraction. Lying to the northeast of the city, Grape Valley is a peaceful heaven and a welcoming place for visitors. The valley is a Grape Kingdom worthy of its name.
Hami melons
The Hami melon, a type of cantaloupe, with an off-white, yellow, pink or green rind, gets its name from Xinjiang's Hami prefecture, which was registered nationally as the birthplace of the fruit. In other areas on the Chinese mainland, many melons have been sold under the brand of Hami melon, creating more competition for farmers in the prefecture. But the Hami melon is sweeter and crisper than other types of melons in China.
Jiashi melons
Xinjiang melon has more than 100 varieties, in which Jiashi melon is the best. Jiashi melon has a long history. In the early Qing (1644-1911) Dynasty, Jiashi melon was classified as a tribute. Later on, through continuous improvement, the melon quality gets better. Jiashi County near Taklamakan Desert has the suitable climate, unique soil and water condition to plant Jiashi melon. The local people and Uighur people have the habit of storing melon. Almost throughout the year, people can eat delicious melon.
Korla fragrant pears
Korla is a county-level city in China’s central Xinjiang. As the largest Chinese prefecture, Korla is known for its "fragrant" pears, which are well-known in the region for their sweetness and flavor. Korla fragrant pears have been awarded in China many times, and also regarded as the “prince of fruits” in the international market.
Yecheng pomegranates
It is called Anal in Uyghur. The pomegranate in Xinjiang’s Yecheng County is the most famous. Yecheng County is located in northern Kunlun Mountains with short frost-free period, long sunshine time, large temperature difference between day and night and good soil quality, which is very suitable for the growth of pomegranate. The pomegranates loved by people in Yecheng County are red and sweet.
Kashgar figs
Kashgar abounds in figs which enjoy the equal popularity with Hami melon, grape in Turpan and pear in Korla. The shape is oblate with thin and soft fruit flesh. Fruity and sweet, Fig is nutritious and has medicinal value. Because of its bright and clean branches and tidy crown, the trees are planted in the yard to beautify the environment.
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