Xinjiang invests 9.99 billion to improve people living condition

Xinjiang confirmed 2011 as the people's livelihood construction year. XinjiangPCC planned to invest about 9.99 billion yuan to further improve people's production and living conditions including the security housing project and herdsmen resettlement project.
Li Ying is a worker of the 10th Agricultural Division, XinjiangPCC. The Spring Festival in 2011 was the best for her family because they spend a happy festival in the new apartment.
" I can get loan for farming, and subsidy for buying farm machinery. Our income is increasing every year. Now, we get subsidy for low rent house and move into new apartment, we are really happy."
In addition, the facilities were equipped for seeing doctors and schooling. Now, even the Tuoyun Pasture in the 3rd Agricultural Division, which located in the frontier area, has a standard clinic. Over 1200 local Kirgiz herdsmen needn't to go far away to see doctors.
XinjiangPCC totally invested 18.16 billion yuan in 10 people's li...

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