Xinjiang dance

Xinjiang is known as a land that overflows with beautiful singing and dancing. Now, after years of development and evolution, Xinjiang dance has made the leap from a folk art into a formal stage art. But despite this progress, what remains unchangeable in the spectacle is the richness of Xinjiang's culture.
Watching a performance of Xinjiang dancing is to get a virtual experience of Xinjiang; the passion of the people, the diversity of its ethnic groups, the richness of its natural resources - and the taste and aroma of its delicious food. Xinjiang dance is famous for its energy and elegance; the steps are buoyant yet skilful; dancers emphasize the movement of every part of the body, particularly the wrists, and there is a great variety of postures.
In the northern part of the region, dance is represented by Sainaimu, a type of dance in Yili area. In this style dancers' movement and postures are bold and exhilarating - but can suddenly change tone, through a slight pause o...

Folk dance performance on festivals
Folk dance performance abroad
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