Xinjiang NPC deputies deliberate on report
XJ NPC deputies to the 5th session of 11th NPC had panel discussions on the government work report. Smayi Tieliwardy, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, Zhang Chunxian, Ailigeng Yimingbahai and others attended the deliberation. XJ NPC deputies actively deliberated on the report. They all held that this year's government work report is practical. The report summarizes achievements, and also points out the problems. It doesn't neglect conflicts.
Xinjiang's stability important for nation
Maintaining stability in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region is extremely important not only for the area but for all of China, an official from Kashgar said on Tuesday. "Several violent incidents have happened in Kashgar in the past year and they were instigated by three overseas forces of separatists, extremists and terrorists," ...
Xinjiang in stable conditions: official
Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwest China is in stable conditions in spite of sporadic violent cases, a local official said Monday. Li Zhi, vice chairman of of the Standing Committee of the Xinjiang Regional People's Congress, said there is nothing to worry about in Xinjiang, though it is seemingly considered to be a "sensitive region."
Xinjiang vows to crack down on "three evil forces" to ensure stability
China's Xinjiang will spare no efforts to prevent and crack down upon sabotage activities of the three evil forces of separatism, extremism and terrorism to ensure social stability, chairman of the regional government has said. Xinjiang will also strengthen the management of religious affairs in accordance with relevant laws, Nur Bekri, also a deputy to the National People's Congress, said during the top legislature's annual session on Monday.
Expectation for NPC & CPPCC
People of all ethnic groups in XJ learn the news about NPC and CPPCC through television and internet. They hope more preferential policies can come out at the two sessions. Hailiqiem Nuli in Tacheng City just moved into low-rent house. Now she is full of confidence for the future life."I hope the meetings can stage out more good policies for we poor people, thus we can have a good life." Song Xiangtai is a retiree in Shaya County.
Maintaining social stability in Xinjiang a long-term task: official
It will be an "enduring task" to maintain social stability in China's Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, although the region has enjoyed stability and people's livelihoods have improved, a local official said Saturday. The resource-rich region will expand the exploitation of natural resources and speed up the construction of a coal mining base this year, said Ailigeng Yimingbahai, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Xinjiang's Regional People's Congress.
Xinjiang delegation holds plenary meeting
On Saturday afternoon, XJ NPC deputies to the 5th session of 11th NPC held the first plenary meeting. Zhang Chunxian was elected as head of XJ delegation. Nuer Baikeli and Ailigeng Yimingbahai were elected as the deputy head. Ailigeng Yimingbahai presided over the meeting. The meeting deliberated and passed the draft of the presidium and secretary-general list, and draft agenda of the 5th session of 11th NPC.
Xinjiang ethnic group members attract eyes at NPC
Ethnic group delegates from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region walk to the Great Hall of the People where the National People's Congress (NPC) session is to kick off.
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