China's largest lavender planting base

A farmer harvested lavender flowers in Ili, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. China's largest lavender planting base, located in Huocheng County of Ili Prefecture in Xinjiang, enters its harvest peak. Thousands of hectares of lavenders are in full bloom and charming with enchanting fragrance. With a planting history of 40 years, the base also produces fragrant products, such as lavender flower bag, lavender essential oil, lavender gel and so on with a vast market in both home and abroad. Lavender planting has not only brought more income for the local farmers, but also helped boost the regional tourism industry. Reputed as "China's Lavender Town", the Ili River Valley now owns a total planting area of 1667 hectares and produces 95% of the country's lavender sub-products. 

In Full Bloom
Attracting Tourists
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