Xinjiang girl Kong Lingyuan opens nursing homes in her hometown
Kong Lingyuan, ethnic Han, born in 1982, a Shenyang University of Chemical Technology graduate, has established a nursing home for senior citizens in her home town Shihezi, northwest China's Xinjiang Autonomous Region. She gave up the good opportunity to work in state-owned enterprise, devoting to start her career for senior citizens. So far, she has launched 3 nursing homes, taking good care of each aged people. Her story has attracted wide attention all walks of life.
Giving up high-salary job to open nursing home for the elders
Kong Lingyuan said that the idea for the nursing home struck her when she was working as a volunteer in northeastern China. As a result, she resigned from her job and returned to her hometown of Shihezi to start work on her nursing home. Kong says that she also recently established a recovery nursing center and will continue to build nursing homes across the country to help more senior citizens.
Attempting to expand more nursing homes
When interviewed by reporters, Kong Lingyuan said that she would open silver-age nursing homes in entire Xinjiang even all over China, allowing more senior citizens to have a cozy home. Kong Lingyuan also said, sometimes she wanted to give up when very tired or meeting obstacles, but she told herself she must attempt to move forward the moment she saw the smiling faces of the old people in nursing homes. She said, “They need me”.
Setbacks push Kong Lingyuan to success
In a symposium for successful people held in Xinjiang Finance University, Kong Lingyuan told her career experience to the representatives of the college students. She said it was setbacks that push her to success. When deciding to give up the high-salary job, her parents all objected. Even when the first nursing home entered into operation, the neighborhood complained it was too close to their houses. So she had to find new proper place. Her persistence finally received good results and her parents also started to show support for her career.
Five Principles supporting her “Big Silver-age Family”
Kong Lingyuan insist five principles for her nursing homes, that is, “love, confidence, patience, responsibility and filial piety”, winning wide social recognition. With proper management and considerate services, more and more aged people choose to live in her nursing homes. Kong Lingyuan has also gradually expanded the scale of the nursing homes, adding more beds.
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