Improve enforcement of environment-related laws and regulations
The government of Urumqi has greatly improved the enforcement of environment-related laws and regulation. More than 2000 polluting enterprises have been punished or suspended due to the pollution issue. The public satisfaction degree of the environment-protection has increased to 74.28% in 2011 from 68.88% in 2010.
Highly value prevention of motor-vehicle pollution
Attaching great importance to prevention of motor-vehicle pollution, the government of Urumqi has set up headquarter of air-pollution prevention and control of motor vehicle pollution, established prevention-treatment regulating agency of motor-vehicles and built up 35 advanced running-mode inspection systems. Currently, the prevention of motor-vehicle pollution has become the most influential environment-protection service window of the society.
Desulfurization of five main power plants in Urumqi
The in-service equipment of the five main power plants in Urumqi has completed full desulfurization, with total capacity reaching 2970 megawatt. Besides, 84 heavy-polluting enterprises have implemented overhaul of high desulfurization dust removal.
Large overhaul of the heating System
The improved air quality in part is the result of the city government's massive investment in March in 16 projects, including a large overhaul of the city's heating system - especially the demolition of 5,000 small coal-firing furnaces for winter heating - and improving air emissions treatment at 30 big polluting factories. The gas-powered heating system now covers 76 percent of the city's population, massively cutting its reliance on coal.
Sun shines on Urumqi anti-pollution projects
One of China's most polluted cities in winter, Urumqi, has seen a massive improvement in its air quality. By Dec 10, the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region had 279 "fairly good" days this year, three more than in 2011, according to the environmental protection agency. Local residents said the sky is blue and the snow stays white, which was rare in Urumqi in the past.
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