Kazakh citizen saved thanks to emergency response at port in Xinjiang.


A cross-border life relay was completed at Khorgos highway port in Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on Tuesday.

A Kazakh citizen who came to Khorgos days ago suddenly became seriously ill and needed urgent treatment in his country.

A Chinese ambulance swiftly collected him who was suffering from a heavy nosebleed. The Khorgos border checkpoint immediately activated its emergency response plan. It took only 5 minutes to completion of the customs clearance.

"We immediately opened the emergency rescue channel. After the ambulance arrived, we processed the customs procedures as quickly as possible and efficiently carried out the cross-border rescue to save valuable time for the patient, " said Pu Xiaoyi, deputy team leader of the third squad on duty at the Khorgos border checkpoint.

The patient is currently out of danger and receiving further treatment, according to Khorgos border checkpoint on Wednesday.

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