Camel commerce a priority in one Xinjiang county


The largest camel market in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region — 5.2 hectares lying 2 kilometers from Keping county — opened on Sunday, Xinjiang Daily reported.

Ten million yuan ($1.38 million) will be spent to build 50 trade houses, roads, parking areas, forage storage areas, loading platforms and camel handling facilities. When the facility is finished, it will be able to handle 2,000 camel transactions daily.

So far, 28 trade houses, the first phase of the project, have put into use for up to 1,000 camels per day.

Keping county has put the camel industry at the top of its regional development priorities, and it has set up a modern camel industrial system.

The camel population in the county has reached 40,000, making it the largest camel breeding county in Xinjiang.

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