The 47th Press Conference on Xinjiang-related Issues


Photo taken on July 7, 2021 shows the 47th Press Conference on Xinjiang-related Issues in Urumqi, capital of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Photo by Xinjiang Daily/ Tang Yong

On July 7, 2021, a special press conference on Xinjiang-related issues was held in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Six representatives of ethnic groups from Urumqi, Aksu, Kashgar and Hotan were invited to share their work and life with us. With their personal experience and real life, they refuted so called Xinjiang related lie of “genocide”.

Photo taken on July 7, 2021 shows Elijan Anayat, spokesman of People’s Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region answers questions at the 47th Press Conference on Xinjiang-related Issues in Urumqi, capital of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Photo by Xinjiang Daily/ Tang Yong

Elijan Anayat: Good morning, dear media friends! Welcome to the Press Conference of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Xinjiang Related Issues. I’m Elijan Anayat, spokesman of the Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Recently, on the ground of lies and disinformation of very few anti-China forces, the United States and some western countries falsely asserted that there was “genocide” in Xinjiang, China. This is a most absurd century lie, an insult and infringement to the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, and a serious violation to the basic principles of international law and international relations. China is a unified multi-ethnic country in which the legitimate rights and interests of ethnic groups are fully protected in accordance with the Constitution and the law of regional ethnic autonomy. At the same time, governments at all levels in Xinjiang have implemented various policies to benefit the people, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, and promote family happiness, national prosperity and social progress. There is no so-called “genocide” in Xinjiang at all. Lies are bound to be laid bare in the face of the fact that people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang live a happy life.

Today, we are delighted to have invited six ordinary people in Xinjiang to share with us their happy life. They are Hankiz Namet, the owner of an automobile decoration shop in Aksu City, Abdukadir Mamat, the grandson of a centenarian in Midong District of Urumqi city, Habibulla Tursunniyaz, an ostrich breeding farmer in Moyu County of Hotan Prefecture,Obulkasim Ablikim, an intern of Culture and Tourism Bureau of Yuepuhu County of Kashgar Prefecture, Mahira Habibulla, a college student in Jiashi County of Kashgar Prefecture, and Riziwangul Ismayil, a tea shop owner in Yutian County of Hotan Prefecture.

In Xinjiang, the rights to subsistence and development of ethnic groups have been fully protected. Hankiz Namet from Aksu City opened an automobile decoration shop with her husband. From then on, they got on the express train to happiness. The three children in their family have been growing up in health. Let’s invite Hankiz Namet to tell us about her happy life.

Photo taken on July 7, 2021 shows Hankiz Namet speaks at the 47th Press Conference on Xinjiang-related Issues in Urumqi, capital of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Photo by Xinjiang Daily/ Tang Yong

Hankiz Namet: Hello everyone! My name is Hankiz Namet. I am a Uygur and I’m 32 years old. I am running an automobile decoration shop with my husband in Aksu city. We have three children. We five people in my family are enjoying a carefree and happy life.

Shortly after we got married, I discussed with my husband on how to make our life better. We didn’t want to pursue the life of a millionaire, but we wanted to provide good living conditions for our future children. Because my husband had learned automobile repair and decoration, we decided to give full play to my husband’s expertise and open an automobile decoration shop.

Originally, we thought it was difficult to open an automobile decoration shop, but we didn't expect that we would get a lot of help and support from many people in the process of running the shop. At present, the income from our automobile decoration shop can reach at least 10,000 yuan per month. We have also recruited apprentices and taught them skills so that they can lead a good life together with us.

Photo shows Hankiz Namet and her family. Photo offered by Hankiz Namet

Our life is getting better and better. Now we have three lovely babies . We don’t need to worry about their growth. From the day they were born, they started to enjoy free vaccinations and free nutritious products. Children have their own medical insurance. In case they are hospitalized for medical treatment, the expenses can be reimbursed. When the children go to school, we don’t have to pay the tuition and meals. They go to school free of charge. Compared with my school life in the past, their school life is really good. The three meals at school are arranged in a nutritious way. Every day children have all kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits, milk and eggs to ensure their nutrition and health. Children also like the meals. Every day when they come back from school they will tell me what delicious meals they have had at school. They go to school on spacious and straight asphalt road. The classroom is warm in winter and cool in summer. The teachers educate and teach them earnestly and scrupulously. I really don’t worry about our children’s school life. They work hard at school and have won credit for us with good grades.

Last year, my husband and I bought a car. On weekends, we often take our children out to enjoy ourselves. We participate in various activities to increase their knowledge and experience. This is also the happiest time for our family. Now the biggest wish of my husband and I is to bring up the three children and provide them with good education. After they graduate from a good university, they can find a good job in the future and live a happy life like their father and me.

My family is an ordinary Uygur family and is one of the thousands of happy families in Xinjiang. There is no such thing as “genocide” in Xinjiang. If there were “genocide”, how could I have three children? Those vicious people are jealous of our increasingly powerful country and our happy life. Liars, stop slandering!

Elijan Anayat: Thanks Hankiz Namet for telling us your story. In Midong District of Urumqi City, there is a long-lived elderly person named Rabihan Mamat. On June 14, 2021, her family celebrated her 100th birthday. There are four generations in her family. Today, we have invited her grandson Abdukadir Mamat to tell us the story about the happy life of their big family.

Photo taken on July 7, 2021 shows Abdukadir Mamat speaks at the 47th Press Conference on Xinjiang-related Issues in Urumqi, capital of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.Photo by Xinjiang Daily/ Tang Yong

Abdukadir Mamat: Hello everyone! My name is Abdukadir Mamat. I’m from Midong District of Urumqi city. First of all, I’d like to tell you a good news. On June 14, all my family members came to celebrate my grandmother Rabihan Mamat’s 100th birthday. Four generations in my family are living under the same roof and there is lively atmosphere in my family. Although my grandmother is 100 years old, she is in sound health and good spirit. What’s more, she can even lecture my 3-and-a-half-year-old daughter not to run around.

Our family of four generations are living in Midong District of Urumqi city now. My grandmother is 100 years old this year and she has only one daughter, my mother, who has given birth to us three brothers. I am the eldest one and my two brothers are twins. They are both 18 years old this year. One is studying in high school and the other in vocational school. I established my own family in 2006. Now I have a son and two daughters. My son is in grade two of a junior high school. The eldest daughter is in grade two of a primary school and the youngest daughter is the most lively one. Now she is three and a half years old.

After hearing this, you may already feel that my family is really prosperous in population. In fact, besides the above, my grandmother has two younger brothers and two younger sisters. I think my family has longevity gene. My grandmother’s brothers and sisters are also alive. My grandmother’s eldest brother is over ninety this year. I made a rough calculation and found that there were 65 people in our big family with four generations. It is a real big family.

There is a saying that “an elderly person in a family is like a treasure”. My grandmother is in sound health and now she is still the pillar of our family. She has good dieting. She likes to eat noodles, pilaf and milk tea. Once, after I came back from work, my grandmother showed me a skirt with a colorful pattern that she sewed and threaded the needle herself. At that moment, I thought she was really an old lady who couldn’t stay idle. Two years ago, my grandmother, who was 98 years old then, visited her two younger brothers in Xinhe County, Aksu. Now everyone in the family will drive around with grandma as long as they have time, and grandma also often visits her neighbors by herself and has a talk with them.

There is a Uygur proverb saying that you will not have worries in winter if you work hard in spring. My grandmother often instructs us to create a good life with our own hands. She told us that she was able to do all kinds of work no matter how hard and exhausting they are. She raised my mother with the courage to bear hardships. Influenced by my grandmother, my mother taught us to understand what diligence really means with her own actions. Now life is so good and my grandmother is in a very good mood. She is also enjoying a subsidy for advanced age. Children go to school free of charge and we also enjoy other various subsidies. This is our happy life.

Now our country is getting more and more prosperous and people’s life is getting better and better. Then some people are jealous of it. I heard that some foreigners said that we Uygur people in Xinjiang suffered from “genocide”. What ridiculous it is. Even my 100-year-old grandmother can’t bear it at home! People who make such rumors will hit their own heads with the stones they throw in the air! Those western media, please open your eyes. This is our happy life.

Today, my grandmother is too old to come here. Please watch a video about her.

Elijan Anayat: Thanks to Abdukadir Mamat for telling us his grandmother’s story. In Moyu County of Hotan Prefecture, there is a farmer Habibulla Tursunniyaz who is running a large ostrich breeding farm. He made a fortune through breeding industry, and his family of five people have got a good life. Now let’s invite Habibulla Tursunniyaz to talk about his happy life.

Habibulla Tursunniyaz: Hello everyone! My name is Habibulla Tursunniyaz. I’m from Moyu County, Hotan. I’m an ostrich breeding farmer. Today, I’d like to tell you the story of my three children and ostrich breeding.

There are five people in my family, my wife, two sons and one daughter. The eldest son is 12 years old, the second son is 9 years old, and the youngest daughter is 4 years old. The family had many mouths and the children were at school, so the life used to be very stressful.

In the past, in my spare time off farming, I would go to the river to pick up some jade to sell. My income was not stable, so it was difficult to support five people. In order to improve the living conditions of my family, I tried to find other things to do to make money. Everyone enthusiastically helped me find ideas and channels, and soon contacted a man who bred ostrich in Bole for me. In June 2020, I started the business of breeding ostrich.

Everything is difficult at the beginning. At the beginning, I didn’t know how to raise ostriches. I couldn’t understand the habits of ostriches. Moreover, raising ostriches was absolutely a novelty in Hotan. I hadn’t heard of anyone raising ostriches in whole Hotan. There were a lot of difficulties. But at the thought of my wife and children at home, I was resolved to see it through no matter what the cost might be. I insisted it on. I’m very grateful to all the people for their help. When I was in the most difficult time, they helped me contact people outside, browse information with computer on scientific ostrich breeding. At the beginning, I fed ostrich everything, and now I mainly feed them corn flour. I gradually found the way to raise ostrich. Now, there are 30 ostriches in my ostrich farm, and their egg production is very high. At present, people come to me to collect ostrich eggs frequently. These ostrich eggs are sold in the night market. Sometimes the price of a roast ostrich egg is as high as 280 yuan. My life has also changed a lot because of ostriches breeding. In the past, my income was unstable, and now I can get a prosperous life at home. My annual income is 70000 yuan. I have built a new house and I have all the house appliance in my home. I have also bought a car. Now I have time to accompany my three children. I am very happy about it. Now let’s watch a video about my children and my ostriches.

As the days are getting better, laughter is heard from the children more frequently. They also like ostrich very much. My two sons are very lively. When they come back from school, they will go to the ostrich farm to play with ostriches, teasing them from time to time. My little daughter is very obedient. She often asks me to take her to the ostrich farm to see the ostrich and help me feed the ostrich. Looking at their joy and happiness, I feel that the decision to breed ostrich is very correct. I can make money from it and at the same time I can take care of my children. Ostrich is the bird that has brought well off life to our family. My three children have good performance at school. I hope they can all go to college, find a good job, live a good life, and repay those who have helped us.

Now I have heard some people abroad with ulterior motives make rumors, saying that there are “genocide” and “forced labor” in Xinjiang. It’s sheer nonsense. Is it wrong for us Xinjiang people to get rid of poverty and get a well off life with our own hard-working hands? Those politicians who smear Xinjiang, don’t tell lies with your eyes open. Come to Xinjiang and have a look. Everyone in Xinjiang will prove with his own experience that happiness comes from their own hard work. The good life of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang can not be discredited by others.

Elijan Anayat: Thanks to Habibulla Tursunniyaz for telling us your story. In Kashgar, it is very common to see ethnic groups family with more than two children.Obulkasim Ablikim, the 22-year-old intern from Culture and Tourism Bureau of Yuepuhu County, has two younger brothers. The three brothers have good academic performance at school and have their own recording studio. They are working hard to pursue their dreams. Now, let’s invite Obulkasim Ablikim to share his story with us.

Photo taken on July 7, 2021 shows Obulkasim Ablikim speaks at the 47th Press Conference on Xinjiang-related Issues in Urumqi, capital of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Photo by Xinjiang Daily/ Tang Yong

Obulkasim Ablikim: Hello everyone! My name is Obulkasim Ablikim. I am a Uygur and I’m 22 years old. I come from Yuepuhu County, Kashgar Prefecture. I study in Xinjiang Arts University and I am a college student. Now I am an intern working in Culture and Tourism Bureau of Yuepuhu County, Kashgar Prefecture.

I’m here today to share the story about my family and our happy life with you. When I surf the internet, I see USA and some western countries falsely accusing Xinjiang of “genocide”. It’s a ridiculous accusation. Today, I take this opportunity to break this rumor with the true situation in my family.

My family is a happy family with five members. One word is used to introduce my family--versatile. My two brothers and I love music because of my father’s influence. Although my father is a farmer, he loves music very much. From childhood, we three brothers learned all kinds of musical instruments from my father. Under the cultivation of my father, I was admitted to Xinjiang Arts University in hope that I could go further on the road of music. Now I would like to sing a Kashgar folk song I have learned from my father. Would you like to listen to it?

Photo taken on July 7, 2021 shows Obulkasim Ablikim plays an instrument at the 47th Press Conference on Xinjiang-related Issues in Urumqi, capital of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Photo by Xinjiang Daily/ Tang Yong

I have built a recording studio at home and often write verse and compose music. Every winter and summer vacation, I take my brothers to sing in the studio. I often point out the weak points in their singing. Sometimes they are unconvinced, but they can do nothing to help because I’m a music professional and they have to listen to me. My parents often join us in the slack farming time. We three brothers play our own musical instruments which we are good at, and my parents dance together. This is the happiest time for our family. My major is dulcimer, and I play it very well. Now let me play it for you.

Photo taken on July 7, 2021 shows Obulkasim Ablikim plays dulcimer at the 47th Press Conference on Xinjiang-related Issues in Urumqi, capital of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Photo by Xinjiang Daily/ Tang Yong

In addition to music and art, my parents also have high expectations for our academic performance. My two younger brothers are still studying at school. My first brother is 16 years old and was admitted to vocational high school of Yuepuhu County last year. He likes schooling very much. He said that the environment at his school was very good. At school, there are teachers and classmates he likes. He can acquire a lot of knowledge and learn a lot of truth. His dream is to become a military man and contribute his share to his motherland. I think he is a great guy as he can say such ambitious words at such a young age. My second brother is 12 years old. He is in the fifth grade of primary school this year. He likes playing basketball and plays very well. The two younger brothers often play basketball together and sometimes have a basketball game with each other. Sometimes my first brother loses the game to my second brother.

We three brothers should first extend our thanks to our parents for the present happy life we have. The income of my family mainly depends on my parents’ farming work. Owing to their hard work, the living conditions in our family have become better and better. In addition, the government has created good conditions for our schooling. We don’t need to worry about food and clothing. We can afford to go to school, and we can pursue our dreams. Although my parents don’t know much about the truth, they always say, “now that the conditions are so good, you must cherish the chance and study hard. You should learn to be a grateful and useful person to the society.” I can understand my father’s expectation. I will lead my brothers to continue to work hard in order to relieve my parents’ worries about us. With good policies in our country, as long as we work hard, our dreams will come true. Now let’s watch a video about my family.

This is my family. We have good life and we pursue our dreams freely. Those anti-China forces, stop talking about so called “genocide”, I would like to say, don’t you just want to disrupt Xinjiang by telling lies? I would like to tell you, you are daydreaming!

Elijan Anayat: Thanks to Obulkasim Ablikim for telling us your story. The family of Mahira Habibulla has two college students, and her younger sister is enjoying good education. This is just a common Uygur family in south Xinjiang. Let’s invite Mahira Habibulla, a college student from Jiashi County of Kashgar Prefecture to tell the story about her family.

Photo taken on July 7, 2021 shows Mahira Habibulla speaks at the 47th Press Conference on Xinjiang-related Issues in Urumqi, capital of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.Photo by Xinjiang Daily/ Tang Yong

Mahira Habibulla: Hello everyone! My name is Mahira Habibulla. I’m a Uygur and I’m 23 years old. My hometown is in Jiashi County, Kashgar Prefecture. I’m very delighted to be here today to share with you the happy life of our family.

I come from a family of five people including my father, my mother and us three siblings. I’d like to introduce to you my younger sister, our favorite. Her name is Munisha and she is 7 years old. She is a clever and lively little girl. She loves a lot of things, and especially loves dancing. When we are free, she will ask us to open Tiktok and learn dancing from the video at Tiktok. Her dancing is really something. She usually likes to follow my brother and me, asking us to play with her and help her with her homework.

Although my sister is young, she has good performance at school. On the one hand, she loves learning. On the other hand, my mother has done a good job in my sister’s education. My mother has devoted a lot to my sister’s study. When my brother and I are not at home, she tutors my sister in doing her homework, in hope that my sister will have an excellent grades. My mother attaches great importance to the education of us three. She hopes that we can have good performance at school, receive good education, and live a good life in the future. Under the influence of my mother, my younger brother and I study very hard. We worked hard with our classmates in school and my brother and I were both admitted to university. We have lived up to the expectations of our mother and other people. In Xinjiang Agricultural University I majored in Prataculture and Environmental Science. I just graduated this year. I plan to stay in Urumqi and take the civil service examination. I want to play a greater role on a larger platform by using the professional skills I have learned in the university. My younger brother is studying in Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Polytechnic. Shanghai is a city characterizing innovation and vitality. After several years of study and life there, he likes Shanghai very much. His ideas have changed a lot and his vision has become broader. After graduation, my younger brother plans to start his own business and try some emerging industries, such as we-media and new media.

My parents are now retired and they can’t stay idle. They have opened a small supermarket in the community and have a busy but a fulfilled life. Dad is a versatile person and he can play guitar. He often takes our family to sing and dance together and we enjoy our life very much. Our neighbors envy our family greatly. Let me talk about my mother. My mother is the chef in our family. She is very smart and often learns to make all kinds of delicious food for us from TV and internet. Every winter and summer vacation, my brother and I can hardly wait to go back home, and the whole family sit together. Our favorite food is the food cooked by my mother. This is the my mother’s flavor, very delicious. My younger sister also made a video of our daily life. I would like to show it to you.

This is my family’s happy life. Are you jealous of it? Recently, when I was surfing the internet, I saw some western media talking nonsense and falsely accusing our Xinjiang of “genocide”. This is the most vicious lie I have ever heard. I’m really indignant at it. This is a complete rumor. What I said today is enough to break these rumors. Those who have ulterior motives, don’t smear our happy life by your shameful act.

Elijan Anayat: Thanks to Mahira Habibulla for telling us your story. Riziwangul Ismayil, the owner of a tea shop in Yutian County, Hotan Prefecture, has three children--a daughter and twin sons. She has got a good life by doing Wechat business and running a shop. She believes that happiness comes from one’s hard work. Let’s invite Riziwangul Ismayil to tell her story.

Photo taken on July 7, 2021 shows Riziwangul Ismayil speaks at the 47th Press Conference on Xinjiang-related Issues in Urumqi, capital of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.Photo by Xinjiang Daily/ Tang Yong

Riziwangul Ismayil: Hello everyone! My name is Riziwangul Ismayil. I’m from Yutian County, Hotan Prefecture. I have a happy family, my husband is doing the honey business and I am running a tea shop. We have three lovely children. My daughter is studying at primary school and my two twin sons at kindergarten. Seeing that the three children are in good health and growing up day by day, I feel the happiness from the depth of my heart.

I love my family very much. My husband is a very kind, honest and capable man who cares about our family very much. In 2010, our daughter was born, my husband and I were very happy. In 2013, I was pregnant with twins again. At that time, my husband was busy and it was not convenient for me to move about. Neighbors and community workers often came to see me and help me. I was moved and very grateful. In particular, every prenatal examination is free in hospital. There are also medical insurance reimbursement for giving birth to children, and I basically didn’t spend money. My husband and I were very happy after the safe birth of our twin sons and said “thank you” to all the doctors and nurses who had helped me.

Time flies. In 2018, all my three children went to school. Seeing that all the burden of our family was on my husband’s shoulders, I felt hurt and was upset. So I started to do WeChat business, mainly selling some cosmetics online. At the beginning, I didn’t have much experience and the business was not very good, but I didn’t give up. Relying on my own integrity in doing business and with the support of my relatives and friends, I had more and more repeat customers and my business was getting better and better. My husband was doing rose sauce business, and the total income of us two was more than 6000 yuan per month. After saving some money, I wanted to expand my business. So in 2019, my husband and I decided to open a tea shop in the county. The rent and decoration was a lot of money. While my husband and I were worried about money, it was the community workers who helped us to apply for a 150,000 yuan venture loan from the bank. With the loan and 50,000 yuan savings, my shop was opened in the county as scheduled. The store mainly sells tea, honey, rose sauce, etc., which are of good quality and taste and have won popularity among people, so the business of our tea store is very prosperous.

Now, my husband and I have a monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan. The living conditions of our family are getting better and better. We live in a beautiful and comfortable apartment and have bought a car. Our daughter is 11 years old and she has a dream of being a fashion designer. In order to support our child to realize her dream, my husband and I will work harder. Please watch a short video about my family.

Recently, I heard some people abroad saying that in Xinjiang Uygur people were suffering from “genocide”. It is sheer nonsense. I come here today to tell those western media without professional ethics with my real life not to do any shameful acts any more and not to interfere in our happy life. Our life is getting better and better, and our country is getting more and more prosperous. Those who make rumors, please reflect on yourselves.

Elijan Anayat: Thanks to Riziwangul Ismayil for telling us your story. Now the media friends can ask questions. The journalist from Xinhua News Agency, please ask your question.

Xinhua News Agency: Thank you, host. I’m a journalist from Xinhua News Agency. Mr.Abdukadir Mamat , can you share your grandmother’s secret of longevity with us?

Elijan Anayat: Mr.Abdukadir Mamat , please answer this question.

Abdukadir Mamat: There’s nothing special. First of all, good dieting is necessary and meat in particular should be included in the diet. Only when you eat nutritious meals can you be energetic and physically strong. My grandmother is 100 years old, and she still has a good appetite. She loves all the delicious food in Xinjiang. Secondly, regular work and rest, and more exercise are important. My grandmother loved dancing when she was young. Even now she is old and she can’t stay idle. She often plays with some flowers and plants, and grows a lot of peppers in front of her house, all of which are taken care of by my grandmother. Besides, a good mood really counts. Now we are living a good life, so we are in a good mood.

Elijan Anayat: Thanks to Abdukadir Mamat. The journalist from China News Service, please ask your question.

China News Service: Thank you, host. I’m a journalist from China News Service. Ms. Hankiz Namet, you just mentioned that in the initial stage of starting a business with your husband, you received help from the government. Can you tell us the details?

Elijan Anayat: Ms. Hankiz Namet, please answer this question.

Hankiz Namet: When we started a business, the biggest difficulty was that we didn't have the start-up capital. while we were worried about it, the community workers told me that we could enjoy the good policy of the state for poor households and get 30,000 yuan subsidy for self employment. This solved our problem at once. In addition, the community workers also helped us get the business license. After the store was opened, we could also go to the community for help when we encounter problems. They are so kindhearted.

Elijan Anayat: Thanks to Hankiz Namet. The journalist from Tianshannet, please ask your question.

Tianshannet: Thank you, host. I’m a reporter from Tianshannet. Mr. Obulkasim Ablikim,there are three sons in your family, what are your parents’ expectations for your future?

Elijan Anayat: Mr. Obulkasim Ablikim, please answer this question.

Obulkasim Ablikim: My parents’ expectation for us three is that we can study hard and make great efforts to be an excellent person. I am now working as an intern in Culture and Tourism Bureau of Yuepuhu County. After the internship, I hope that I can give full play to my professional expertise, namely, dulcimer, and find a job in an orchestra in Xinjiang. My two younger brothers are still in school. Our family, including me, are very concerned about their study. We hope they can go to a good university, find a job they like in the future and be useful to the society.

Elijan Anayat: Thanks to Obulkasim Ablikim. Through the speeches of the six speakers, I believe that all journalists have got a certain understanding about the real situation of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang and the relevant policies to benefit the people. I want to reiterate once again that the so-called “genocide” is a vicious slander to China’s ethnic policy and the development achievements of Xinjiang. It is hoped that individual countries stop attacking and discrediting China, treat the development and changes of Xinjiang objectively and fairly, and evaluate the policies adopted by the Chinese government to stabilize, govern and enrich Xinjiang objectively and fairly. This is the end of press conference for today. Thanks to all speakers and journalists.

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