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Nice Urumqi Co Ltd constantly improves production
2018-05-11 source:Chinadaily
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Employees of Nice Urumqi Co Ltd have made constant efforts to improve production techniques, according to local reports on May 3.

One hundred and forty employees of the company's production department are devoted to perfecting their skills and techniques, making technology upgrading a focus of the company.

Sodium silicate is an indispensable ingredient in the production of cleaning agents such as washing powder and soap. According to Li Xintong, production department manager, after a long process of trial and error workers began to put quartz sand in high-temperature caustic soda to produce sodium silicate. This new technique is environmentally friendly, quick and easy, and improves the quality of detergent. It won an "Innovative Technique Award" conferred by the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

Currently, Nice Urumqi Co Ltd is the only company in the autonomous region using this technique to produce sodium silicate.

Li Xintong (sitting) checks the ingredient ratio. [Photo/uetd.gov.cn]

In 2012, the production department of the firm developed a formula to make soap powder, the first enterprise in the autonomous region to create that product. In 2016, the department built the first production line for laundry detergent, unprecedented in the autonomous region.

"The production department usually gather together to study and discuss the issues," said Ran Long, director of the technique center of the production department. "The company has formulated detailed training programs for employees and actively organized training sessions to enhance workers' abilities and help them pool their knowledge."

Li said that in this company employees' salaries are directly related to corporate profitability, thus arousing the enthusiasm of employees. They are more than willing to contribute their advice and suggestions to promote the development of the firm. This team was named a "Model Production Team of Urumqi" in 2016.

Li further said that the production department will keep up the craftsman's innovative spirit to explore new techniques. They will also seek to expand into Middle Asian markets.