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Toutunhe tourism command center to begin operations
2017-03-06 source:Chinadaily
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The command center for the Toutunhe tourists distributing center has finished construction and will be put into operation in June, providing tourism operations services and emergency management.

According to Zhao Peng, a staff member responsible for the project, the decorating of the facility will be finished by the end of March.

Zhang Tao, vice manager of Xinjiang Tourism Investment and Management Ltd, said that the command center is a part of a project named the Satellite Big Data Comprehensive Service Platform. Starting construction in 2015, the project is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2019. After fully operational, the platform is expected to play an important role in promoting Xinjiang’s tourism service and promoting the area’s smart tourism industry.

Design sketch of the tourist distributing command center. [Photo/uetd.gov.cn]